Product Reviews

Cleansing Programs

Candidol Reviews
Reviews of this candida cleansing regimen.

Detox 7 Review
Review of this 7-day detox and cleansing program

DetoxaTrim Review
A review of Detoxatrim

Diflucan Reviews
Reviews of this anti-candida product.

Oxy Powder Reviews
Read reviews on this oxygen colon cleanser that helps relieves constipation, and eliminates toxins and fecal matter.

Oxy Powder Testimonials
Testimonials by normal people who have used Oxy Powder as their cleansing regimen

Paratrex Reviews
Reviews of this parasite cleansing regimen.

Primal Defense Reviews
Reviews of Primal Defense, a popular anti-fungal.

Threelac Reviews
Reviews of Threelac, a popular anti-candida program

Threelac Testimonials
User reviews and testimonials of Threelac.

Ultimate Cleanse Reviews
Review of the Ultimate Cleanse Program

Dietary Supplements

Intramax Reviews
Reviews of Intramax, a popular dietary supplement that has over 400+ supplements combined

Oil Of Oregano Review
Learn more about oregano oil, its health benefits, possible side effects and how to take it.

Weight Loss Products

Proactol Reviews
Is Proactol the best weight loss supplement out there?

Lipozene Reviews
Does Lipozene live up to its hype and help you lose weight safely?

Slimirex Review
Can Slimirex do for you, what other diets, and weight loss supplements failed to do? Read more and judge for yourself...

Men's Health Products

Women's Health Products

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