Protein and the Candida Diet

Question posted on a candida forum:

I decided to cut out fruits and high glycemic index foods to prevent the candida having a feeding fest and replace with a high protein diet.

My logic was that protein takes longer to digest, therefore preventing the candida from having feeding feasts. Itfs clearly not working… I’m now going to try a low GI carb diet.

What foods should I eat to get enough proteins?


There are 2 schools of thought, one that animal protein is more difficult to digest therefore leaving undigested, putrid matter for the candida to feed on. In addition, animal protein creates an acidic environment in the body which candida love.

The other is that by removing carbs you are not providing sugar to be readily available for the little beasts. If the protein is bothering you perhaps you are having digestive issues and are not able to properly digest them in which case digestive enzymes would likely help.

I can only speak for what helped me and in the beginning; I would bloat and have stomach pains if I ate any carbs at all whereas animal protein and veggies did not have this effect. For months I restricted the carbs.

At some point I was able to begin eating small amounts without being bothered and I discovered buckwheat which saved me because I had gotten extremely thin and lethargic. Buckwheat is low on the GI. Now I am able to eat whole grains in moderation and I know I am still slowly recovering.

My body has required lots of rebuilding, especially after having had mercury issues and chelation and the candida.

Before the candida thing I was about 85-90% vegetarian so I hated eating all of the meat I was eating early on. For me, I know it was necessary though.

As far as proteins go, some nuts and seeds are good. In the beginning I did alot of Pumpkin Seeds and Almonds. Also, if you tolerate legumes in moderation though esp. the starchy ones. I like adzuki beans, brown lentils and chickpeas. Eggs are usually ok. Yogurt fermented at home can be helpful.

Vegetables and whole grains contain protein and you can get all that you need from plant sources. You just have to eat more of them.

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