Should I Take Anti-Fungals With Threelac ?

garlicThis is an interesting question I found in CureZone, and one many might have wondered as well. Here is what someone asked:

I have started to take Threelac recently and wanted to also continue taking my antifungals (mainly caprylic acid, garlic). However I was not sure if one might counteract the effectiveness of the other.

I contacted Global Health Trax (makers of Threelac) to ask for their advice. Basically they said they dont know if antifungals will interfere with Threelac working or not. All they could suggest was that if I wanted to take both I should take them at different times…. Thanks - great help!! If they dont know who does?

Answer: ThreeLac contains “Spore Forming Lactic Acid Bacteria (Lactobacillus Sporogenes), Lemon Juice Powder, Refined Yeast Powder, Castor Oil, Spore Forming Bacteria (Bacillus Subtills), Lactic Acid Bacteria (Streptococcus Faecalis).”

Some “bug killer” herbs are primarily antifungal, others also have strong antibacterial qualities, while some have antiviral function as well.

Garlic is a confirmed potent bug killer. Yet some folks take in very high levels of garlic through food or pills, and yet their bowels do not become dysbiotic (bacterially imbalanced). This indicates that some (if not many/most of the traditional “candida killer” herbs one reads about) can be effective at killing the bad critters, and yet easier on the beneficial bacterias, namely acidolphilus and bifido.

An herb that primarily has anti-fungal qualities may not necessarily have a significant impact on bacteria, be they good or bad. Nystatin kills candida albicans, but often has no effect on some other candida strains, demonstrating just how specifically selective (and effective or ineffective) a med/herb can be.

If so, for someone to assume that “If herb XYZ kills candida albicans (a fungus), it probably kills bifidus (a bacteria) as well” is a broad assumption that may very well be incorrect. I’ve heard some board posters say, “There’s no point in taking probiotics while taking herbs/meds that will kill them.” I don’t have a definitive answer to that, but suspect they may be incorrect due to the rationale above, including the garlic scenario.

If garlic killed everything equally, garlic lovers’ guts would be dysbiotic messes, but they’re not. Acid/Bif are the two primary inhabitants of the gut — personally I can’t see any drawback (except maybe financially) to taking them under any circumstances, at any time, unless doing so disagrees with one’s system (just about anything other than pure water can cause distress in at least somebody).

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