What You Can Eat If You Have Candida

Question I saw posted in a message board: I am fairly new to clansings and i have been doing them only since january. i am going as close to the order as i can, but sticking longer to the cleansings that deal with the most immediate problems. right now i am on the candida cleanse while using candigone at full dose sugggestion.

i have been on it for five days and am already starting to feel weak and cranky because i am only having veggetables and water and chicken(because those are the 3 things everyone on the net agrees on).

My issue is that when the question of what a person should eat on this diet is asked, a long detailed list of things we shouldn’t eat comes up.

i get it. i understand what NOT to eat, now since almost everything falls under the category of what not to eat, i would like some suggestions on what i can eat please. some say yogurt is ok so long as it’s organic, doesn’t say low fat, is sugar free, and flavor free (great!) but some people say no dairy at all ever while on the diet. so can someone please be more clear?

are there hot cereals, soy products, speciffic things a person can eat without feeling like they are fasting please. is yogurt in its purest form allowed or not? is soy milk allowed or not?

Please do not give me a list of things i cannot have, only say what you are allowed to have since this is what is hardest to find the answer to. i am sorry if my tone is a bit harsh i really think my moods are swinging from vines due to lack of regular food and information.


Whether to forego almonds is a question up for debate. Some believe they are very good for the candida diet because they are a very healthy alkaline food that has many important nutriments such as protein and magnesium. This group thinks alkaline foods are very good on the candida diet because they help to keep the PH balance of the body in a healthy range. Some say some nuts are bad, some are not bad, and almonds are in the not bad category.

Some are concerned about eating any nuts or seeds at all if they contain mold because mold acts as a natural antibiotic. If you put the search term “almonds” in the Curezone search engine, you will find the variuos viewpoints concerning almonds (if you are so inclined to do this kind of search, of course!)

If you Google “almonds and candida” you will also find more information about the various schools of thought (along with some almond recipes from the believers that almonds are a very healthy food source for candida.)

Count carbs As long as you dont feed the little suckers they cant thrive.I eat meat of every kind because it has zero carbs. Eat the most low carb veggies. Eat eggs( boiled scrambled omelette).Butter, lots to keep up your weight. It is not bad for you. Organic is best but nothing is perfect. You have to use a little commom sense. I am avoiding dairy but am going to eat raw family made goat yogurt as soon as my symptoms abate.

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