The Best Fiber Shake

OilMany people have asked me what the best fiber shake is for curing candida. Here is a suggestion from Shelley, that I wanted to pass along myself…

Lots of Candida people are taking tons of Olive Leaf Extract and Caprylic Acid to fight off the candida. This stuff actually does work, however, when it comes to digestion, HOW you take it is just as important as what you take.

Herbs, oils, probiotics, must be DELIVERED to the site of infection or they simply get digested and absorbed like anything else, leaving the candida still there lining the intestines. The candida must be exposed to the active ingredients for it to work, and candida can bury itself pretty deep into the mucus and tissues.

So don’t just swallow a bunch of caprylic acid gel capsules and expect them to do any good. They won’t.

The best delivery system for anti-fungals is fiber and oils. The combo creates a glutinous, gel-like consistency that really presses against the walls of the intestines, delivering the anti-fungals where they need to go.

First off, find a bottle of liquid caprylic acid and add about a teaspoon to a couple tablespoons of good EV olive oil.

Add this new oil (Caproil) to your fiber shake. You can add it to any kind of fiber shake you make - psyllium, ground flax seeds, whole flax seeds, even a commercial intestinal cleanser. Mix it well. This will make psyllium much better for candida people too. Use about one teaspoon of fiber and take 1-3 times a day.

Go ahead and add Oil of Orgeno, Olive Leaf, or any other anti-fungals you wish to add. Grapefruit seed extract is great.

About every four days, instead of adding the Caproil, make the fiber shake with Kefir and open up a capsule of live acidophilus and add that too. That will deliver the friendly microbes where they need to go. They will continue the balancing of the intestines and further reduce yeast. If you have Primal Defense, take it on these days too, but apart from the fiber as all of GofL’s products have their own patented delivery system.

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