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ThreeLac, a anti-fungal product created by GHT is one of the most popular and common products for candida albicans out there. You can get Threelac here for a low price.

First my history with candida. Candidiasis was an ailment that was plaguing my health for more than 10 years, but doctors never diagnosed it. They would tell me that I had a hormonal imbalance, live disease, all a variety of other diseases. In the end, they just turned out to be symptoms of the ultimate problem: candida.

I tried ThreeLac and used it as part of a 3 month candida cleansing regimen. I took ThreeLac, as well as followed a strict anti-fungal diet, along with regular detox baths and colonics. Previously I was on Nystatin, a drug, which only made me feel worse. Threelac was all-natural, which was one of the things that attracted me to it.

Unlike Nystatin, and other drugs my doctors prescribed, Threelac was effective in killing off my candida. It wasn’t an overnight thing, but gradually after 2 months, I felt better and revitalized.- Threelac works with no side effects

The problem with most anti-fungals is that by the time they reach your digestive system, it is destroyed by the acidic environment.

Threelac is formulatd in a way that it enables lactobacillus strains to pass through your system unharmed and untouched, so that it reaches your intestines intact. Other anti-fungals simply die before they reach our colon, which render them useless.

- Threelad offered a final blow to candida albicans

An anti-candida diet, devoid of sugar really helped my eliminate candidiasis, but it simply wasn’t enough. After undergoing an anti-candida diet for several months, I felt better, butI knew I wasn’t cured of candida. Threelac was the final step in finally curing my candida.

Before you buy Threelac however, I want to stress that no anti-fungal regimen will work if you don’t undergo a strict anti-fungal diet. This means, avoiding all foods with sugars for the first month.

This includes fruits (yes, fruits!), grains, white rice, milk (rice milk is ok, sparsely), bread, junk food, honey, and processed foods.It takes a lot of discipline to follow a diet like this, but you absolutely have to follow it if you hope to eliminate candida.

If you have had candida for many years like me, it won’t take just 1 month of cleansing + dieting to eliminate it. It will take at least 3 months. Most people make the mistake of cleansing for 1 month, watching their symptoms heal, and then completely stop.

The candida will simply reappear if you do not cleanse for at least 3 months with an anti-fungal and anti-candida diet. Taking Threelac and following the diet for 3-4 months should eliminate candida for most people.

With that diet, my experience with Threelac was wonderful, and am very thankful I found out about it in CureZone (an alternative health forum). I had previously used Primal Defense by Garden of Life.

It works for a few people, but for people who have had candida for many years, I deem it very ineffective, and weak. Threelac is much more powerful.

Most people don’t realize that candida isn’t just a yeast infection. Having it contributes to a variety of other ailments.

After I eliminated my candida, I noticed my chronic acne went away, and a sudden boost of energy revitalized me. Getting rid of candida is the first step to getting rid of things such as acne, leaky gut syndrome, arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases.

It’s really a shame that most health professionals can’t even diagnose candida for most people.

Whenever I visited a doctor, they would just prescribe me antibiotics, telling me that I had some sort of fever, or I had an hormonal imbalance. When I told them what I read online, they would dismiss it as quackery.

While some aspects of alternative medicine may indeed be false, I think cleansing is one of those that isn’t. I tried antibiotics, and anti-fungal drugs for many years with little success. Only with a natural product like Threelac, and a strict anti-candida diet was I finally able to get rid of candida once and for all.

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