Using VitaminShoppe products...Should I or shouldnt I?

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My first question is: Using VitaminShoppe products...Should I or shouldnt I?.

My next question is: Hello,.

Just wondering which types of steroids are worse for going bald.?.

I,m contemplating on doing a cycle of oral turinabol soon,but dont want to lose my hair.

I,ve heard it's something to do with dht(i think) correct me i,m wrong..

So any advice appreciated.

Cheers steve..

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Your question was: Using VitaminShoppe products...Should I or shouldnt I?.

Never met my mums,sisters sons,.

Never met any of them really, they live the other side of the country.

I no she used to say here dad had good hair at about 60,so I think I might be fairly safe.

Wouldnt want to look like a egg.


Comment #1

Who cares if you go bald, they'll be looking at your biceps not your bald patch..

Comment #2

As above it depends on your genetic propensity to go bald but the usual high androgen tests will do it ever time.

I do agree however that nobody tends to point out your bald when you have got 18inch arms..

Comment #3

I got the 18 inch guns.

I guess i,ll have to wait until I go bald to find this out..

Say slapheads how old was yous when you went bald.???..

Comment #4

Actually I still have a full head of hair, I shave it because my hair is naturally curly (not good for my hard image) and I started going grey at 19...

Comment #5

I started thinning when I was 26. Now I'm nearly 30 and I'm at the dilemma of 'Do I shave it all off?'.

I did shave it off once when I was 27 and immediately let it grow back 'cos I looked like a skinny poof, rather than a hard nut.

Now I'm working on muscles, I'm considering shaving it again. Just praying I don't look like a big bender..

PS - No offence to any homo-readers... It's just not my thang...

Comment #6

Shave your hair off then post a photo and run a poll hard nut or skinny poof. We won't take the piss honest..

Comment #7

I,m with the bald bregade now.

Shaved it all off today,..

Comment #8

The easist way to tell if you're going to go bald is take a good look at yourself in the mirror. How is your hairline? If it's straight, squarish and close to your forehead, like the hairline of a plastic play doll, it not likely you'll go bald since you don't have a predisposition. If, however, you have two lagoons on either side of each other, don't touch anything that can convert to DHT or it's deviritives - or you'll be as bald as a bowling ball. 100% garanteed..

And don't take going bald lightly, man, a lot of people I know are bald, and each one of them says if they could have anything, it would be their hair back. One guy told me that going bald is like watching your **** drop off...

Comment #9

Steve, you've got eighteen intch arms? Shit. And you haven't done roids - you must have been doing prohormones, surely?.

What are your stats? age, hight, weight, etc?.

And hows your hairline?..

Comment #10

A few reasons why you don't wanna go bald even if you do have 18inch guns:.

People who see your 18inch guns will emidenatly know you got them by taking steroids, and have paid a high price for them with your hair! Now I don't know about where you guys work out, but where I work out a guy walks in with 21" inch arms, bald with a ceasors crown of hair, and you ask him if he takes steorids, and he says 'nah', so therefore I figure it's not something we want other people to know!.

Secondly, this one guy told me he was depressed for a year after he started to go bald, he had to take anti-depressants, couldn't work, study; he said going bald is not something easy to accept, and that every bald guy you see goes through it to an extent..

There are also scientific and phsycologic links between baldness and impotency which are undeniable...

Comment #11

The fact is, both these problems are common amongst many men - steroids, or not..

It should be said that balding is incredibly common amongst men, and only EVER a problem for the subject and NEVER an adult onlooker. There's one thing balding doesn't affect, and that's the ability to 'pull'. In fact, many women subconsciously find balder men as 'wise' and 'experienced' or even 'ruffian/hard'. Deep down, all women are in awe of a brute - It's historic and it's nature..

The bottom line - No man should fear losing his hair, because he won't lose respect..

Bryn 'balding fast without taking 'roids and trying to deal with it' Phillips..

Comment #12

Bullshit, bro. You're pandering to your own balding whiles. Sure, you can look at it that way, but you're balding anyway. But what if you weren't balding but you knew you had a presdispositon to go bald although much later on in your life when your prime was past, would you take those dht derivitives knowing this or would you not? Would you intentionally speed up your hair loss? Or begin it perhaps say ten years eariler..

Come on, don't talk shit to me, bro. A mans hair is his hair, as important as his penis. I'm not trying to justifie living with baldness here, i'm trying to advise steve (as he asked) to watch out, becuse your hair is presious (particuarly while you're young, and lossing it will **** with your mind, but not just that as more so with the bodybuilders mind because his whole goal is to perefect his body into a beuatiful work of art for those to admire. Nince work of art with a big ****in bald patch on top ey?.

Listen to what I said steve, take the precastions and avoid dht etc if you have a possibl predispositon..

Boil it down and i'd rather have a natural 16. 1/2 incth arm than a ****in eighten intch one with a bald head to boot. **** that...

Comment #13

I,m 24,6ft,and weigh about 16stone 5lbs..

My hairline hasn't changed at all, it is the same now as it was when I was 16. infact my mrs always says I have 2 much hair on the top of my head..

I just got pissed off with it, couldnt control it,too messy.

Tbh, baldness is enough to make me not want to do steroids.. the shape of my head does not suit a skinhead ....

Comment #14

Well, that's it then. I'm effectively, penisless. There's no option but to give up the gym and cut my wrists.....

Comment #15

Winge winge ****in winge!.

Your post kicked in not trying to advize people to prevent steroid-sped baldness but to almost say it doesn't matter if you go bald so go ahead..

For that, you get a '**** you' from me. Since these people are asking for help, not consolidation. Its like a post for people who are new to the timber trade - and one major side-effect is having your arm chopped off, and they're asking if using this particular trype of chainsaw will increase the risk of them cutting their arm off - i.e they're asking for advicse, and me butting in a and saying: it doesn't matter if you've lost yuor arm, you're still the same person (minus an arm, mind), you''ll still be 'as attractive to woman' as WITH an arm..

What that is is justifing myself (living wihtout an arm) and therefore giving worng advice to these people new to the timber trade..

See what i'm trying to say, pally?.

You have my sympathy for your blad pate, just don't use it to mislead people who aren't asking for counsiling on coping with baldness.

Here, I got some counsilling advice for ya: Why not try wearing a wig, and if the wind keeps blowing it off, why not try a chinstrap?..

Comment #16

Ray,i aint being funny..

Please try not to swear so much in your posts, there is younger members viewing these boards..

Discussions should be good..

Please keep it in mind..


Comment #17

Totally agree... ray, the post about "who cares about going bald" was meant as a joke, not to be taken seriously - and your comparison was not even accurate with the arms chopped off It's time we all act like adults and discuss things civilly :!:..

Comment #18

Okay, pal, I was trying to be simple (coming up with a quick example) but if you want a better example, here goes..

Imagine you're having a discussion about getting gyno; naturally, you're asking which roids will cause gyno, then some guy butts in and says getting gyno will not make you less of a man, and starts justifing gyno, becuse he's got it, so in effect he's deviating from the point and saying more or less it doesn't matter what steroids you take because gyno will not make you less of a man/pose you any real problems physically/physchologically..

No, no - now YOU'RE talking bullshit to me bro..

I'm arguing strongly becuse - keeping with this example - if one is serceptible to gyno (just as one may be to blanding) they need to take the nessasry informed precuations or avoid aromatisable steroids alltogether..

Steve, sorry, mate, i'll cut the swearing, no harm intended, but you know me.can almost not help it..

My girlfriend said to me the other day: Ray, didn't your mother ever wash your mouth out with soap?.

I said: Yes she did..

But it didn't ****in work...

Comment #19

That was the last swear, ste, you have my word on that. Also, I guess I ought to make an apology for that stuff about the chin strap, can be a bit harsh at times, also prone to sudden outbursts of violence (and good humor!).

Appologies to those people offended..

But for my initial argument I do not appologise - I stand where I stand, as Martin Luther King once said...

Comment #20

I refuse to argue back w/ you like a child. But just so you know, your 2nd example wasn't much better than the first. Any steroid that shuts down the production of testosterone can lead to gyno. Reason being, when test production is shut down, estrogen levels will still be higher than test levels yielding a "hormonal" problem that could lead to gyno. There is also progesterone gyno that just happens w/o any real link to it's source. Bottom Line, the risk you take for taking steroids or PHs is relative to the benefit. The final choice is "do the pros outweigh the cons" Put it in perspective...

Comment #21

There's a valid argument. It's up to the individual. I will no doubt, seriously consider 'roids some time in the future. At my current stage of balding, I'm only slightly 'thinning'. I'm settled with the fact that in ten years, I'll have a visible bald spot (unless I shave it all off!).

That said, whether steroids adversly affect my DHT levels in me, or not - I'll still do 'em. 1. Because I want big muscles, and 2. Because I really don't mind going bald - Neither does my beautiful girlfriend. Ha!.

My argument stands though - balding is only ever a problem for the subject. Oh, and apparently the very much angered, 'Eastbayray'...

Comment #22

I can't be bothered reading all of this but ray.........have you stopped taking your medication again..

Where you really camparing loseing an arm to going bald ? Your hair is obviously REALLY important to you, but as important as your ****, If you had to have one of them cut off for good that would be a difficult decision for you ? .

No one speaks for all. You may find loosing your hair imasculating but believe me there are plenty of us who much prefer being smooth on top and as for it limiting your attractivness to the oposite sex believe me it's never ever been mentioned..

Comment #23

Grown back thick and strong,.

Shaving once a year keeps the head and scalp healthy..

Whats propecia and welcome to the board trigger..

Comment #24

[There are also scientific and phsycologic links between baldness and impotency which are undeniable.[/quote].

Eh? id like to read more about this, other than possible loss of confidence which I presume is what your getting, at I cant see the link between going bald and not getting it up..

Personally I didnt really care about becoming a slap head as the trade off of getting bigger made it all worthwhile to me...

Comment #25

I thought it was a nown fact that guys that go bald are producing mote testosterone., thus making them go bald, anyone no anymore on this?..

Comment #26

That's what I'd heard too. Of course if there is a genetic predisposition then all bets are off..

DHT is what accelerates hair loss so it's good to avoid it if your worried about your hair. It is also an irritant to your prostate so it's good to have a PSA run for cancer..

Saw Palmetto supposedly binds to DHT and helps with prostate irritation/swelling while on gear. I don't know if there is also benefit for your hairline however.

Happy Holidays!.


Comment #27

Is there anything positive you can do on a cycle to prevent the baldness ? (Will Nolva help?).

Is one cycle enough to make you go bald ? .

Am thinking of taking enanthate soon which is obviously a high androgen, I may be doing Winstrol at the end of the cycle as well...

I don't have a propensity to baldness, nor anyone in my family on either side..

Comment #28

Hmmm. never heard of that one. will check it out..

Comment #29

I dont know if it's any good or if anyone is interested but I had a look at steroids-direct website a few days ago and hes got a supposed cure for baldness on there I'm not saying it works or anything but if baldness worries you it might be worth looking into...

Comment #30

Ya goood idea,,put a pic and do a poll that be cool..ull get some support behind and ,to watever descion you reach,u be cool with it cuz ull know you werent alone..(i hope).

And no baldness is not from your mom or the female side...its geneticly inherited from both parents and parents before hand,,,ur parents and grandparents may all have full heads of hair,,,.

But just 1 person in your great grandparents may have been bald,,and that mix component gene from them together ,alone can pop back up and passed down excaping all the other genarations and landing up in unlucky you,and you can go bald..

To be honest noone is entierly safe from going bald,,,.

But ofcourse,how you live your life can have an adversly affect on oneself..

Its all talk from experience...

Comment #31

There is actually a cure for baldness - even available from boots. BUT it's only for thos who start balding from the top/back. Not for those who who get it from the front....

Its around 1 a day. A surgeon friend of mine swears by it. Can't remember the name...If I do i'll post it...

Comment #32

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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