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My first question is: VitaminShoppe Chitosan Plus?.

My next question is: Hi,.

What are your opinions on the use of low dose Tren enth to supplement a test (or equipoise) base?.

I'm already 16 11 (235 lbs) so dont need to add major mass. However, I would like to improve some areas then lean out towards the end of the cycle..

I've been training since I was a kid (20 years) and diet is sorted. I'm well aware of theory but wanted to know other peoples experiences and views particularly on lowest effective dosages whilst minimising sides (Proviron and chill pills needed presumably)..


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Your question was: VitaminShoppe Chitosan Plus?.

200mg per week is plenty imo. But the quality of tren is debatable..

I like your approach to this subject dfk, not many people view it from that angle ( what's the lowest effective dosage )..

Not to be personal, but if you're how shall I say, advancing in years, you may wish to be cautious with proviron usage as studies have shown an increased risk of prostate cancer with dht derivatives. scare story over...

Comment #1

Thanks for that Bodyworks, I'll check out the info on Proviron but would only resort to a low dose if needed for any major dysfunction.

I'm not too past it yet - 37 but now starting to need a little AAS support to make up for slightly less mojo and longer recovery.


Comment #2

I think you are well off the mark Nick, have you ever used tren?.

DFK, I asdvise a lot of guys who compete and all the guys who I advised to use tren enanth noticed a big difference in a week to 10 days, they were all pretty lean at this time tho. They were using 1ml tren enanth every 4 days..

I personally cannot use tren anymore because it reacts with prescription meds which I must take if I want to stay alive. Before I discovered I couldn't use it I was using GL Ultratren (a 3 tren blend) and I got considerably leaner, stronger and fuller within 1 month. I was taking 200mg every 4th day along with 200mg equipoise, the results were awesome..

I personally did have some troubling sides,.

Night sweats.

Troubled Sleep.

Biting my toungue when sleeping (to the extent I needed it stitched!).

Other implications are severe limiting of your bloods ability to clot, coupled with test this could have SEVERE implications if you were in an accident/incident which had you bleeding and were unable to tell the medical crew what you are/were using..

Tren Enanth is a fantastic product but it comes with issues which must be considered..

Comment #3

GL Ultratren fan here as well. Amazing reactions in days..

But yes, my sleep and dreams were pretty dam disturbed! :?..

Comment #4

I can always rely on KC to back me up on drug use!..

Comment #5

Speaking as a natural I would not condone any drug use but Tren does Rock..

Comment #6

You mean a guy who wears a "naturals" tee shirt!.

I believe it's not quite the same PS..

Comment #7

Extreme am I not right in suggesting that tren enth should be used after tren ace has been experienced so that you can understand and tolerate the sides? Seems silly to jump into a long ester of something that might be unbearable to some people...?.

There are people on other forums who will use slin, hgh, igf1 and all the tests but not touch tren enanthate for that reason...

(and no, i've not used it but just regurgitating information and i'm sure you'll put me in my place - but it's always with my best interests I give advice....)..

Comment #8


...altho for superior hard ons... tren is the bees knees!!!.

You seem experienced enough... dont buy cheap sh*t tren tho...theres alot of it about as tren has a good reputation... so if it's cheap.... it's no doubt crap! if you have a good supplier the GL tren works a treat!... me and a bunch of friends actually make our own.. it's quite easy...

As it's sold as aromatherapy oils... lol... I wouldnt reccomend this tho! lol.

I have seen people get excellent results from tren within a few weeks... and I myself am one of them.. last year whilst using it I was doing 12 reps with 50kg dumbells... shoulder pressing... at a bodyweight of 11 stone!..

Comment #9

Nick 500.





Thanks for the replies and information..

I wasn't aware of Trens blood thinning properties....

Any views on combining Tren with Equipoise to balance blood thinning issues? (Sure I read somewhere EQ creates a lot of Red blood cells that contribute to clotting.).


Comment #10

Yep EQ is known for it's red blood cell production stimulating effects. Obviously with increased red blood cell count an increase in oxygen transport is also realized, as is improved nutrient transport, making less food become more efficient...a very nice effect for a cutting cycle..

That said for this reason EQ is known to cause high BP although that is rare, it's generally a very smooth, safe and clean choice..

From what I've read Boldenone and Tren would be a great pre contest cutter but this is from reading not from experience so maybe LeeB or PScarb can give you a better idea of the actual reality of it...

Comment #11

I'd like to chip in my tuppence worth on this one, tren and bold/eq together is FANTASTIC. Strength, condition, fullness and no bloating, does it get any better?.

Bold is pretty much side effect free at doses under 600mg weekly, tren does have detrimental effects on sleep, dreams, night sweats and I found my sweat and p1ss smelled different. I would say the results outweigh the negatives just as long as you don't get gung ho with the tren..

Nick and YG, the sides aren't as bad as you seem to think, please don't give advice on stuff you haven't actually tried but read about on forums, who is to say the person making the post knows what he's about?.

I think it's good for people to be advising caution but at times on this board we tend to be a bit to kindergarden in our approach to some things...

Comment #12

No offence mate but where did I say anything negative.

'That said for this reason EQ is known to cause high BP although that is RARE, it's generally a very smooth, safe and clean choice.' was about as negative as it got, in fact I'd go as far as to say we completely agree..

And I also made the point of saying this is what I'd read and not through personal use...

Comment #13

Its the same as any drug you dont realy know if it suites you till you try it unfortunatly..

Comment #14

Thanks all..

I'll give it a whirl with a base of EQ and low dose Tren (ace then enth assuming all is well)..

Not be starting for a little while but I'll let you know how I get on..


Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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