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My first question is: VitaminShoppe Creadrive?.

My next question is: Just out of interest I have been reading about clenbuterol after a mate told me he was using it at some point with Deca as Sustanol (I think)..

I cant seem to work out if it's catabolic or anabolic and for the purposes it is used for. Also, is it ever used on it's own, or is it always thrown in with a stack? Is PCT needed after it if it was to be used on it's own?..

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Your question was: VitaminShoppe Creadrive?.

Sorry Paul ! I was being pedantic and using the Biologists definition of catabolism as opposed to the bodybuilders!! My bad!..

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Fair one seeing as I am not a biologist that why I missed it..

Comment #2

Il keep bashing my own clen opinions....

Clen can be used for a number of weeks... 7-12 in my opinion... without a break.. your body gets used to the side effects (shakes etc.) during this period... BUT the fat burning still occurs..

This is something which was supported by charles glass (trainer to the pro's) in an issue of muscular development... if you study the actual reasearch/literature on clen use carefully you may also come to the same conclusions..

As an example... and yes I have done this myself... take clen for 6 weeks.. lets say at 2 tabs per day every day... then on week 7... up the dose to 3 or 4...

SO if the receptors are over saturated at this point..... why would upping the dose cause a reaction?????..

Comment #3

Fair point Lee mate!!.

I think people get confused thinking the shaking is the effect they need when it is actually the rise in body temperature that should be looked for..

When you don't get the temp elevation, then is when it's best to take some time off..

The only advantage of the shaking is that you burn off a very slight ammount of calories more, due to the constant movement, but it wont be much more than 50 or 60 calories per day at best..

I personally go EOD with clen, but use 100mcg (5tabs) that way i'm clean 25% of the time.......or would be if not for the Effies Doh!!..

Comment #4

Due to the half life of Clen being 36hrs you are never without it in your system Neil so in fact you are on it all the time just like Lee I understand what Lee is talking about Dave Palumbo prescribes the same system I have tried it before when dieting but found the 1 or 2 week rotation to yeild better results for myself...

Comment #5

Hi Guys.

Ive only ever used the Pscarb method 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and it seemed to work well for me too. Might try a longer intake but the saying is if it aint broke dont fix it lol. The Eph 25+ supplement is excellent too as has the correct ECA dosage in a capsule..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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