VitaminShoppe preventive nutrition, Complete body cleansing program? Does this product cleanse you o?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe preventive nutrition, Complete body cleansing program? Does this product cleanse you o?.

My next question is: Lets say I have weight training in the morning at 9 a.m and itake apill at 8:30... is it ok if the next day I take dbol at 3 o'clock? wht will happen? because I dont weight train the second day but I do my track workouts at 3:30..

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Your question was: VitaminShoppe preventive nutrition, Complete body cleansing program? Does this product cleanse you o?.

I say that you are a cheat if you are using steroids for a athletic track season and that you are way to young to use anabolic steroids why not try creatine and actually put some effort in to your training naturally.....

Comment #1

Look at the world around you.... who isnt on something? I'm the only kid in my state running track tht isnt on dbol lol. how is body building any different?..

Comment #2

Why do you think dbol is gonna help you on the track? if anything it's just gonna put loads of water weight on you and make you slower. You are too young to be doing steroids, bla bla bla (bored of saying it), but if you DO do it, then split the dosage up as much as possible, 5mg every 12 hours, taking it with milk thistle and plan a proper PCT...

Comment #3

Well for starters there are plenty who are not on any chemicals....and as for how is bodybuilding different ....

1 - It is against all athletic federation rules to use performance enhancing drugs.

2 - In NABBA/UKFBB/WABBA/WPF/SPF/EPF it is not against the rules to use performance enhancing drugs.

That is the difference, if I was to compete in a natural federation whilst using performance enhancers than I would be a cheat just like you and just because everyone around you is doing it does not make it is against the rules in athletics full stop......

Comment #4

Im of a slightly differnet opinion... if you feel that everyone is doing the same thing... then you are competing on a level playing field... just be sure that your not simply ASSUMING everyone is doing this... as yuor statement seems a bit wild and would be impossible for you to prove as I'm sure the other athletes you compete against dont make this common knowledge!.

Also, 10mg of dbol wont give you much extra if anything! but could ruin your future career! is it worth it?.

Personally as, as has been said you are technically "cheating" in your sport I will give no advice on useage to you.

All I will say is that you should get advice from a specific sports coach relative to your discipline... if everyone is cheating then they will advise you of this and how to do the same!.

If not... it's hard work your looking for... hope you have it in you!..

Comment #5

Moral high-ground aside, would you not be better off using a non-water retainer like Winstrol :?:..

Comment #6

Stop and think about it young-blood!!.

17.... you haven't even started growing yet... if all the other guys at the track said they ate a bucket of shit before they ran... would you?.

If you've made you mind up, then you've made your mind up and nothing anyone here says is going to stop you, but you've got a few more years to develop naturally before you have to start taking chemical assistance..

Don't just follow the crowd.. set your own pace, train hard.. harder than them... look at your diet... train using specific exercises for your discipline..

These are the best years of your life, when everything is on your side... your growing still, you recover quicker and you have so much energy you'll only notice it when you get older and you haven't so much!.

The bottom line is, you really are far too young to be taking steroids, it's the thin end of the wedge to drug fiend....

At 17 you want to get out and get yourself a woman... not be thinking about taking gear.... personally I find the love of a good woman helps me train hard.

You never know... you could have a real natural potential?.

Be cool buddy!..

Comment #7

I gotta disagree with the concensus. This guy is young, maybe too young, but i'm not his mother or his doctor so I have no say in the matter. do what you want I say. Why is this guy not permitted to use steroids but some of us feel we are. Most guys who use them have no actual need to, other than the fact they're too impatient or just too f*cking lazy to put the effort in. This guy has a distinct competative disadvantage if he doesn't use them while his competition are..

I'm with kriptikchicken, sprint athletes usually lean towards non aromatising androgenics, winstrol, halotestin, trenbolone etc. if you're going with dbol, i'd say stick with a low dose to minimise water retention..

To answer your question, it won't really matter if you don't take them at the same time each day, but try. it may prove more effective in the long run...

Comment #8

Good point Muscleworks, you are right - whom am I to judge. respect!.

I guess I only felt it was / is a shame someone so young is already thinking of taking chemical assistance and as we all know there's a little bit more to taking gear than just injecting it or popping a pill.

What young 'speedy_a' needs to do is a lot more research about his choice of steriod and think carefully about his chosen sport, Athletics is far less forgiving than Bodybuilding when it's known you've been caught taking drugs. IMO..

Maybe it's a sign of the times? But at seventeen I was either too busy wanking myself silly or trying to shag anything with a pulse... oh how things change.......( still wanking myself silly though. ).

Later people..... and be cool...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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