VitaminShoppe weight gainers?

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My first question is: VitaminShoppe weight gainers?.

My next question is: What is the best injectable steroid for strength and size,what dosage and what length should I run the cycle for good results?.

I know I require nolvadex or clomid,which is best?is it posible to get away with not using hcg,ive done a bit of digging and I'm confused with hcg,some say to inject it during the cycle and some say afterwards..

Please help..

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Your question was: VitaminShoppe weight gainers?.

You sound not that far behind me a year ago. I ran a lot of M1T cycles, then Dbol only (50mg) and my next step was onto:.

30 dbol ed.

1 x 250mg / ml shot of test. enenthate twice a week..

Worked well for me...

Comment #1

Solid advice, Test E and a kicker is a great choice. You may wish to consider Anavar or Oral Turinabol instead of Dbol however; they lack many of the sides associated with bloating, blood pressure, and are generally considered to give more stable gains...

Comment #2

I agree with raz here, tbol>dbol... not as explosive gains but a tenth of the side effects and almost zero water retention.....

Comment #3

Choose any Injectable Testosterone 500mg - 1000mg per week.

:: SustanoN (once/twice a week).

:: Testosterone Cypionate (once/twice a week).

:: Testosterone Enanthate (once/twice a week).

:: Testosterone Propionate (every day/every other day).

Combine with some thing like.

:: Trenbolone Acetate 75mg (everyday/every other day).

:: Trenbolone Enanthate 400mg (once/twice a week).

You will get noticable and satisfactory results in both size and strength..

I havent suggested any oral combinations as you specifically asked for injectable..

Suggested Ancillaries.

:: Nolvadex.

:: Arimidex.

:: Clomid.

:: IGF-1 lr3.

In answer to your question, you can avoid using HCG..

Hope this helps.



Comment #4

6 months after my first tren cycle my bird still says "are you on tren again" every time we have an arguement, you will make good really gains on test e.

Save stuff like tren for future cycles..

Comment #5

Thanks for everyones advice.

I think I might go for the test e at 500mg per wk and anavar,how long should I run this cycle and what dosage of anavar should I intake daily?..

Comment #6

Hi m8y, After long lay off I am just back into training and about to start first 10 week cycle for over 18 mths. first 3 weeks as follows:.

3 x Tren a week.

3 x Enanthate a week.

5 x 5mg Anabol daily..

After 3 weks probably reduce the 3 shots to 2 shots but add 400mg.

Deca a week..

I am 60 yrs old this month and hope to compete late 2007 at 61.

Please don't forget the food intake issue. You don't mention this in your post. Gear is no good without the food, Short hard intense training , Suppliments and Rest. Best of luck Eddie..

Comment #7

IMO the best gear for bulking is OMNADREN but just like susta will give you lot of strenght, lot of mass but also you will gain water ....

Take it with dbol and you will be wery hapy from this cycle.

For example.

W1-W10 - 250mg omnas E3.5D.

W1-W6 dbol (taper it from 25mg to 35,g and back ).

If you looking for quality take tbol instead of dbol, add EQ and winy at the end.

And like ant write tren it's wery good but it the strongest gear and most androgenic on the market so I think it wont be good option for a start..

Comment #8

Here is my fave mass stack.

If you want oral only cycle go with anadrol followed by dianabol and proviron:.


Anadrol mg/day Nolvadex mg/day Dianabol mg/day Proviron mg/day Clomid mg/day.


1 50 - - - -.

2 100 20 - - -.

3 100 20 - - -.

4 150 20 - - -.

5 150 20 - - -.

6 - - 40 50 -.

7 - - 40 50 -.

8 - - 30 50 -.

9 - - 30 50 -.

10 - - - - 100.

11 - - - - 50.

Juice needed: 80 tabs of Anadrol.

40 tabs of Nolvadex.

200 tabs of Dianabol.

60 tabs of Proviron.

20 tabs of Clomid.

Dianabol and proviron and clomid at the end prevent the fast loss of weight you gained that occurs when you stop anadrol..


Comment #9

Can't believe you included methyltest as part of as a course,this is very toxic to the liver and I would like to know if you had any side effects,and what dosage you used.I have used methyltest to get me up for workouts as I am sensitive to ephedrine and it blew my head off,I've seen peoples heads spinning and them pukin' up off one 25mg tab taken bucally before a workout.So to take it for a a full course let alone 2 is madness imo...

Comment #10

Why anyone would run a methyltest cycle is beyond me, i'm suprised they are still making the stuff (apart from using it for fake dbols!)..

Comment #11

Methyltest is needed to make d-bol and sometimes there are amounts of methyltest left in the solution ,I remember a few yrs back ppl ravin about ectra strong d-bol from Russia,u could feel the power in it all it was that in the process not all methyltest residue had been got rid of leavin' tabs that where d-bol with small amounts of methyltest in em...

Comment #12

Personally id suggest running arimidex as well with test e and anavar... in my opinion youd get a much better overall "look" to your body this way and get results youll be really happy with as you will see them better! and again less water retention from the test e this way!..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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