Wat is the healthiest protien drink or the best working one from a store like VitaminShoppe or vitam?

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My first question is: Wat is the healthiest protien drink or the best working one from a store like VitaminShoppe or vitam?.

My next question is: Ok I'm not having painful sex, ill clear that up before anyone gets confused with my topic name..

As for my first question: I have been cycling winny(stanozolol) @50 mg every 3rd day and 300 mg of nandrolone decanoate once a week. Pretty light cycle, but substantial..

My problem is that the winny shots are very painful. Im doing 1ml each shot in my thighs, glute and delts, rotating. Recently most shots have gone well, with some good pain letting me know I did a winny shot. But the last one I did in my thigh was very painful, more than usual. I couldnt bend my leg for 1 day, and the last few days the leg is very tight and slowly I can bend my leg again. The leg is tender and it hurts to touch it where I did the shot.

The deca shots barely hurt at all, I get a little sorenesss letting me I know I stuck a pick in that spot, but thats about it and it's gone in 2 days, but the winny pain stays for a while..

Anyways back to myleg, is it possible I messed up my muscle? tore something? he shot was around 1.5ml cuz I put too much in the pick and just decided to go do it anyways. Anyone else have this problem with water base? I dont wanna go to the doctor cuz hell ask wtf I did. my leg is getting better, but god the last few days have been grueling..

As for the second part. Is sex during a cycle detrimental to gains? you release testosterone after sex and I was wondering if it had any real adverse affects on gains. And so far during this cycle I have been horny as a dog, like a teen again, I cant control my little guy, getting hard ons out of nowhere..

Anyways thnx to anyone who reads this long babble and replies..

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Your question was: Wat is the healthiest protien drink or the best working one from a store like VitaminShoppe or vitam?.

Yea no kidding, how about the sex, this is a serious question btw. I had a few ppl suggest that it could definitely effect progress, but imo why? it's a natural part of life...

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' Is sex during a cycle detrimental to gains?'.

Absolutely not..

Comment #2

If you are adding a load of test to your system releasing a few mg's of your naturally produced test it won't effect gains that much..

If you can abstain from sex purely for muscle building would it not make more sense to do so when OFF gear and you are relying purely on your own testosterone to build muscle?.

Personally when I used lots of test I had to get my end away at least once a day or I would be chewing my duvet cover at night when I went to bed!.

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Ditto.... if you can keep away from sex when your on the gear you should apply to become a monk!!..

Comment #4

...did someone mention sex..... that's me of to the bog.....again... I maybe some time......

Ooops, wrong forum........

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Only deca cycle + deca **** sooner ol later but always :/ and winny E3D it's the same as you will take deca E6W yep not days but weeks..

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