What do VitaminShoppe Amino Acid powders do for your body?

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My first question is: What do VitaminShoppe Amino Acid powders do for your body?.

My next question is: Was given a strip of Clenbuterol, 10 tabs, Spiropent comprimidos, Boehringer Ingelheim..... free. They guy said give 'em a go, two a day, two days on, two days off..

I've got another four days of the D'bol to go then i'm on to the Tamoxifem. I hadn't planned to take Clen as I tried it a good few years a go and all I got was a thumping headache, but now I know I wasn't drinking enough water. I was going to take an ephadrine, caffine, asprin stack ....... turns out that the ephedrine can't be real - even though I took it before and got some good results? :?.

What sort of results has anyone here had on Clen and how did you take and for how long?...... and would you recommend it?.

Can you get hold of 'real' ephedrine on the web?.

Later people.....

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Your question was: What do VitaminShoppe Amino Acid powders do for your body?.

I cycled some clen with an ec stack (never bother with the a) a few months back and got some decent results out of them - dont know if there is a normal dosage (depends on where you take your info from really) but I tapered up from 2 to 5 tabs a day and back down again over 2 weeks.

Better than eph for losing BF imo but the sides are a lot more pronounced (i could hide the eph sides at work but the clen made the shakes v noticeable)..

Not sure if 1 strip is enough to make any difference really though....

Comment #1

Nice one andy, thanks for the input..

I'm not starting the clen for at least another two weeks and i'll get a couple of boxes in - one strip, ten tabs, def not enough to get started, but first I want to get back into some serious cardio work first..

A few questions though: :?:.

You say it's better than eph - I took what I thought was eph in an ECA stack, two weeks on one week off two weeks on.... and the weight fell off, it really was noticable - are you saying the fat loss with clen is really quite dramatic, more noticable than eph?.

It was suggested that I take two tabs a day in the morning, two days on two days off. ( LeeB also mentioned you can also do two weeks on, one week off..... same as I did with the ECA stack..) You went up to five tabs - all at once or spaced out over the day?.

How did you adjust your diet?.

The shakes.... did these go or was it something you had to put up with while doing the clen?.

And one last one.... did you sleep alright with doing it?.

.. I think that's it...

Be cool people,.


Comment #2

For me the clen was far more effective than the eph (this is not the case for everyone though) - I lost around a stone in 4 weeks of ec and the same again in 2 weeks of clen!!.

Clen has quite a long half life so whether you space them out or not is pretty much personal choice - some people seem to suffer from less sides if they split them but made no difference to me so I took them first thing on a morning (better than having to take them to work I thought).

Diet was pretty much what id call a good cutting diet - low carb, high protein & low fat.

The idea of tapering up is to reduce the sides but for me the shakes increased with the dosage anyway... they're not unmanagable but are quite noticeable at the same time.

I had no problem sleeping with the clen, only with the eph & only if I took them after say 5pm.

The one thing to bare in mind with clen is unlike eph it doesnt suppress your appetite & in me it actually increased it drastically so a little more willpower is required.



Comment #3

I actually don't rate clen at all. Its certainly not anti catabolic so definitely not one for pct. I used it and found it didn't do very much in all honesty.

But then some have good results with it so not one to rule out seems to depend a lot on the individual. It is stronger than eph though..

I think if I remember right although someone correct me if I'm wrong eph raises base metabolism 3% and clen is closer to 7%..

Comment #4

Got to disagree with you YG as clen is anti-catabolic at low doses the problem occurs when guys whack in 80+mcg's per day and don't eat enough calories then it becomes in my opinion catabolic especially during PCT.....

Clen does work as a fat burner but unfortunatly guys normally think they can eat whatever they want and still lose fat which is not the case.....

I would say that using Clen in a 2on 2off slit will not work to clean out receptors which is the main reason for this as the half life to Clen is 36hrs ish so you only have 12hrs to clean receptors before going back on Clen......

Comment #5

On what basis do you say clen is anti c at low doses Paul? I've never seen any evidence and have seen a lot to the contrary but I'd be interested in seeing anything that says it is...

Comment #6

YG I will look for some actually studies which I believe I have on my PC or Laptop but here is an insert from a paper on Clen that is in the article section of Meso it is written by Darkham....

Controversy still remains as to the capacity of Clen to mediate muscle growth, because of a strong anabolic or a potent anti-catabolic action. If Clen is not anabolic in humans, is it at least anti-catabolic? The answer is yes and no. Let me explain: if you are eating normally, I doubt that Clen exerts any significant anti-catabolic action. In fact, Clen is probably more catabolic than anti-catabolic at high dosages. However, when youre on a low calorie diet, things are very different, and Clen is then truly an anti-catabolic drug. It may sound paradoxical but it is not at all..

When on a restrictive diet, the main problem for our body is to use the fat from the adipose tissue as energy in order to make up for the caloric deficit. In bodybuilders, this pathway is very inefficient. We eat a high carb diet all year long, which means we train our body to selectively use carbs at the expense of fat. On a diet, our body has not been trained to use fat instead of carbs. It is still good at using carbs and bad at burning fat. So, instead of using fat as energy our body uses a second best source of energy: proteins.

Our muscles shrink while fat remains stuck..

This is where Clen comes in. Clen is able to help our body uses it's own fat as energy instead of muscle proteins. The fat burning process is accelerated which mechanically spares our muscles mass. At the end of the diet, thanks to a quicker and more efficient fat usage, we end up leaner and bigger. Not bigger compared to what we were before the diet but bigger compared to what we would have been at the end of the same diet without the Clen. It depends on the length and the severity of the diet, but Clen can make a difference of several kilograms, which is remarkable.

For those who still insist that it is possible to diet without sacrificing a significant amount of muscle mass, please take a long look at Dorian Yates' book "Blood and Guts". Before and after pictures are shown while he is on a diet. An expert eye will see that many pounds of pure beef were lost while the amount of fat he got rid of is limited. This is what happens when you get shredded, even if youre the best in the world (Of course, by diet I dont mean shedding five pounds before the holidays. I mean a real, shredding diet)..

Please understand that this anti-catabolic action of Clen is indirect and will therefore not help you get bigger while you are NOT on a diet. This is why I say Clen can exert some anti-catabolic action or none at all...

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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