What do you know about ''ultra nourishair'' from VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: What do you know about ''ultra nourishair'' from VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: I have only been training for 6 months, buy I'm gonna do a cycle of test e, 500mg a week for 10 weeks, mon, thurs injections. I have pct planned too, nolva, clomid and hcg all on hand.

I know you are all gonna say it's too soon to start aas, but I am just gonna do one cycle now. then stay natural for atleast 2 years after that..

Is just doing 1 cycle really that bad ? and I do have will power, so I will only do one cycle..

My workout and diet are in check, I'm 200lbs, at 15% bf..

Workout 3 times a week, sqats, deadlifts, bent rows, dips, military press, bench press, chins. just concentrate on those exercises, not all at same workout obviously! my strength has gone up loads.

I deadlift 172.5kg 3x 10.

Squat 150kg 3 x 10.

Bench 90kgs 3 x 8.

I just wanna do one cycle so I look good for next summer, I have reasons for this.


7am 100g oats, 2 scoops whey, peanut butter.

9.30 250g lean steak, jacket potatoe, large salad with olive oil.

12 250g chicken, 100g brown rice, green beans or some veg.

2.30 250g lean steak, jacket spud.

4 train.

Pwo 100g meltadextrin, 3 scoops whey.

1 hour later steak or chicken with loads of veg, and rice or jacket pot.

8.30pm granary bread, peanut butter and banana sandwich, one meal replacement drink.

10 bedtime , slow release protein shake.

Also drink about 4/5 pints of skimmed milk a day.

Wanted to post my diet and training up so you guys can see I got it sorted.

So back to the question, I am gonna run 500mg test e for 10 weeks, just do one cycle, then stay natural, what are the dangers if any for me doing this when I only been training 6 months..

I know how and where to inject, got my needles , swabs, etc etc.

I know you guys are gonna say wait a lil longer, but I dont wanna, so any advise you wish to give will be great, but pls dont say wait, I just want a lil help.

Thanks everyone in advance..

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Your question was: What do you know about ''ultra nourishair'' from VitaminShoppe?.

Thanks nick, appreciate an honest straight answer..

Like I say I am just gonna do one cycle, then train natural for 2 years or so before considering another,.

I dont think 1 cycle would put my tendon and ligaments under too much stress, do you??..

Comment #1

No you appreciate getting the answer you want and there is absolutely no way on earth that you will only do 1 cycle. Not a ****ing chance.

That said you seem to have your diet and training relatively set ok and no one is going to change your mind so go for it. Your cycle is sensible and your diet is good possibly a little heavy on the protein per serving but then who cares about that...

Comment #2

Lol. Thanks young gun, you dont mince ya words do ya?.

Fair play, I like people like that. no point beating round the bush..

Comment #3

Once you do a cycle their is no Natural ever again! Only a ex-user..

After 6 months of training you have so much muscle you can put on cleanly, especially if you have the will power you claim..

Build a solid foundation and keep adding..

A good friend of mine says "Gear is just the iceing on the cake, but ya gotta bake the damn cake first!".

And theres a lot of ingredients needed. Can you honestly say your diet is spot on 24-7? That your getting adequate rest EVERY day? That your training is organised with all the requisite targets for gaining the optimal ammount of muscle, EVERY time you go into the gym??.

Seriously, their is no way in hell you can answer yes to all these questions after 6 months of training.

I, personally, trained for 11 years befor I took any gear. Result ? I still weigh 17st 2 after a full month away from the gym. because it's solid built muscle that you get fromyears of training clean before you take anything..

Save your mullah and get some Kre-Alkylyn, then som type of Nitrox product, then a natural test booster like Gaspari's Novadex..

Give each of these a good 8 weeks and concentrate on getting your diet, training and resting all optimal and see what you weigh in 6 more months. Then you might be ready for something stronger..

Patience my friend, best to climb the ladder on step at a time and stay on, than 4 steps at a time and fall off!!.

[I'm quite proud of that little philosophy bit at the end Wax-on....wax-off daniel son!! LMAO].

Of course this is just my 2 penneth, from nearly 20 years experience...the ultimate decision is entirely yours mate!! As long as you've though long and hard about the consequences of how much you could be short-changing yourself...

Comment #4

Have a read of this mate... just came across it on another board & I think a lot of it applies to you right now..


Ps. hope I'm ok to post a link to another board on here....

Comment #5

Also got to agree with the obvious that it is still too soon to do a cycle..

It isn't all about your diet either. You need years (IMO) of experiance to fully understand what your body is saying to you. It is all too easy to injure yourself in the gym especialy if you jump on the juice train too early. You need to lift smart to try and avoid injuries..

And as already said, you have a lot of natural muscle yet to gain. Also, I always said I would do only the one cycle but once you see the gains you rapidy make it is hard to go back but if you do injure yourself it will set you back again...

Comment #6

Hi mate I say you only live once!! ive been training for twenty years naturally. ive been debating taking gear for the past ten years just about to start my first course I wish I said **** it and just go for it years ago.but take some advice off these guys on the forum regarding pct .good luck..

Comment #7

Errm no not often..

Personally I agree with everyone that you have a lot of natural training to do but then so does everyone else barring LeeB PSCarb and Neil R. And Nick500 in all fairness now aswell. In fact ask Nick to send you some two year old pics and he's been natural for the most part his gains could put you off for a bit.

But that said your lifts are good bench lags a little though and your diet is solid so I don't really see the problem. You stand to do better over 15 years if you put using gear off but I don't think you will and youv'e done enough research to come up with a sensible cycle and good PCT so I'm happy to give you any advice you want with a clear conscience...

Comment #8

Oh and Bodyworks and anyone else I missed off that list sorry..

Comment #9

Ive done one cycle with the intention of not doing another one for a long time and what happened, I'm back on the gear at the earliest time possible..

Your diet looks good but no eggs?..

Comment #10

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