What is a good VitaminShoppe product to use when u first start working out?

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My first question is: What is a good VitaminShoppe product to use when you first start working out?.

My next question is: Steroids based around test can cause rapid destruction of brain cells a new study has shown according to the front page on todays paper. (Bristol Metro).

Now atleast we can explain the phenomenon that is Ronnie C. Ah well..

The paper didn't list the study so I can't look it up but no doubt it's utter bollox as usual. Anyone read it?..

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Your question was: What is a good VitaminShoppe product to use when you first start working out?.

That or the fact that the only other news is sheep falls down in field. Farmer says arrrrr..

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Lol... unless they actually experimented on "live" people with this study.. id say it's one of those things taken totally out of context.... I'm sure if we really wanted to we could come up with a claim such as "heinz beans kill brain cells"... i.e. if you stick them in a test tube next to each other I'm sure the brain cells would deteriorate... or just start f@rting!..

Comment #2

Just read that..... oookay...

1 - so no actual mention of brain cells anywhere??? just in the

2 - the study "exposed" nerve cells to testosterone.. at what dosage?? and how would that dosage compare to what an average bodybuilders dosage would be? I'm assuming this was done in laboratory conditions... again as I joked earlier I'm sure in lab conditions if you exposed nerve cells to baked beans the beans would do some damage!.

3 - "Next time a muscle-bound guy in a sports car cuts you off on the highway, don't get mad, just take a deep breath and realise that it might not be his fault." - right on.. of course it's not our fault!!! lol??????.

4 - The researchers believe the effect might explain why some steroid users become aggressive and suicidal - a condition known as hyperexcitability. - key word here being MIGHT... the use of the word MIGHT means it is pure speculation not fact that has been tested in teh study! i.e. it also MIGHT NOT!! lol.

5 - aggresive hamsters? how much test were they given??? do hamsters normally produce test? and if they do how much percentage was this baseline increased by when test was given to them?? i.e. if a normal bloke.. who spent his life locked up in his house with his mrs.. never trained or had to be aggressive in his life.. was suddenly given 5000% more testosterone than he would normally produce.. YES he would be aggressive! we dont need a study to tell us that! lol.

Rant over.. for now! I'm off to shout at people in the street and drive lights to bumper on the A1!! anyone up for an arm wrestle??????..

Comment #3

Can anyone explain WHY they think steroids get such a bashing.

What seriously is the media's obsession. No one gives a flying **** about the damage that certain things (Hydrogenated fats, salt, alcohol most recreational drugs) do to you but if you use steroids or heaven forbid smoke cannabis (which I don't by the way) than jesus christ it's heart conditions, brain malfunctions, atleast 30 types of cancer, cells committing suicide, arms exploding and to top it all off pissed off hamsters..

Will the media **** OFF. I'm so sick of the misinformation but I guess we just have to live with it but as an intelligent person who has done my research and chosen to act in a way I feel I have properly calculated and prepared for it really offends me and you guys who compete must be twice as pissed off...

Comment #4

"Can anyone explain why they think steroids get such a bashing".

This is my two pennyworth of pyschobabble. My psychology lecturer used to say that if an obvious explanation for people's anger didn't spring to mind, look for the "pure motive" and search for it in which of the seven deadly sins is being activated in the angry person..

The one that springs to mind is envy. Now, I don't think that people are actually envious of steroids but it makes sense that they could be envious of the results of steroids in others.Lets face it, most people who take steroids look pretty good. Then rather than take ownership that they might not be doing all they can about looking after themselves, they attack the other and steroids has become a cliche to use as a weapon..

The other explanation could be that the use of gear goes outside most people's polarised pictures of drugs. On the one hand,most people would see insulin as very good and useful for diabetics but would see heroin as very bad for the user. Exploring the grey area in between is too much like hard work for most, so it's easier to criticise anything that exists in that grey area..

The idea of test fueled, raging hamsters is pure Monty Python..

On the other hand, it might have just been a bad news day in Bristol (No indecent banjo playing etc)..

Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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