What is the best medicine to buy from a VitaminShoppe store for weight loss and a beautiful face?

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My first question is: What is the best medicine to buy from a VitaminShoppe store for weight loss and a beautiful face?.

My next question is: Hey guys - have seen TONS of postings on all sites about AnT but they all primarily seem to relate to the shipping time, hassles ordering/receing product, etc.

I would like to know what you guys think of the QUALITY of the products purchased. I recently got a botle of the winstrol, noticed it hardly separated (maybe 2% but thouught legit winstrol separated more).

What results have you guys seen from using products from these guys..

Also, on their site you get 5 (FIVE) bottles of Winstrol for $236 - how is it so cheap and such good quality?.

Curious to hear what ya have to say. THANKS!..

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Your question was: What is the best medicine to buy from a VitaminShoppe store for weight loss and a beautiful face?.

This has been something that has bothered me for a while openly can we debate things. I accept that the board may have an affilliation with different companies but does that mean that the members have to follow suit..

I think that an internet forum is the only place many people have to discuss things, especially gear, and for me, it is valid that things like quality, comparison of products and service performance are discussed on the forum..

Perhaps, if that isn't the done thing, people can pm each other to have that discussion but that brings back my original point about how open we can be on here..

I totallyagree that things like sources and prices are kept off the forum because that puts both the board and members at risk but as for other issues....well,over to others for their comments or to the mods for a ruling on this..

Comment #1

I think everyone should be able to say whatever they want without it being removed. If I think AnT are shit or I think Extreme nutrition are poor quality then I should be able to say so. I also think people should openly post any affiliations they have with companies etc when making judgements on their products..

For example my favourite supplement company is They offer really good prices and they answer emails every day at 6 without fail. Shipping is always awesome. They pay me no money although I have ran a test log for USP labs through the supplement companies website Musclesoc..

It would be a shame if I couldn't post this because it interfered with the sponsors of the site as everyone here has just lost the chance to use a good supp company simply if it interfered with the sponsors wishes for sales. I understand a company is sales driven and that everyone has to make a living so it's sponsors and owners prerogative about what they will/will not allow on the forums. However IMO the sponsors right is to use the forum to promote there own products and respond to discussion and promote the quality of their products not to ban the posting about others. Doesn't say alot for the companies if they choose to act in such a way.

I have been told off for posting a reflex product's info as this was deemed free advertising. I am not and never have been in any way affiliated to reflex and I thought this was harsh. I'd read the products ingredients and thought it was the best MRP I had found so I wanted to share that.

I think everyone should be entitled to an opinion. Many many unoffensive posts used to be removed here when the previous owner was in charge and that was out of order. I don't know if any have recently but certainly none of mine have so thats a turn up for the books..

I think we should be able to say anything we want period. If everyones honest then great. Nicks oxyshot review was awesome because it was honest..

For the record of the companies here I have used Extreme and found quick delivery which was good. Have never had any reason to complain or email so I've no idea what they would be like in that situation but for Musclechatters thats not exactly an issue as you could just PM the boss so thats good..

Also the quality fo their products or the ones I have used I have found very good and reasonably priced. I use ON however as I think it's superior quality just my opinion..

AnT I do not like although this isn't based on my own experiences. I have used them once ages ago for some nolva and they were great I have to admit. They gave me the shipping free because I ****ed up the order and got it sent out pretty quick..

So from personal experience I've have to give them a 10. However there customer service recently has been utter crap IMO. They giveaways they ran a christmas were a joke on here and on another private board I'm on. Here they disappeared as no one bid so DQ didn't get his gear (admittably at a ridiculously low price) and on the private board a guy pressed the key instaed of $ when the whole bidding was done in $ and people bid after him in $ and they awarded the gear to him at the rate. So the whole thing had to be re ran. Also the way they deal with various customers Ali M for example who granted like me can be a bit of a hot head so he isn't totally blameless was crap..

Anyway in summary surely we should all be able to say our own opinions to arm all our members with the best knowledge. Just my two cents (or maybe more like 7 cents) but I think honesty goes a long way here we don't want to get too a 'the guys down the gym say' type place where we all spout crap in the hope of disvounts and good relations with companies...

Comment #2

This a vip section post-.

You should have pm`d your questions to a mod..

Comment #3

I personally dont see any problem with discussing what an advertisers products are like. however when actual prices etc. are named then yes this can cause an issue..

If people want to debate the quality of ANY advertisers products then fine... the mods on here will offer good solid no bullsh*t advice to anyone who wants to listen to us. if people choose not to listen to our opinions.... so be it! their loss! we are "apparantly" the ones in the know!.

Please be aware though... as you may have noticed on here in the past users do sign up simply just to get free advertising for their products... by the same token users can also sign up simply to slate their competitirs products... if this happens then their posts will be removed!.

Also, if anyone, including the advertiser in question feels that a user is making remarks on a product which are totally unfounded and pure speculation then this will have to be considered by the mods as this is unfair and goes against the attitude this board has to providing good and correct information and advice to it's users..

So pelase ladies and gents... keep your handbags by your sides eh!!! lol.

And personally... ive never used AnT... dont know the owners wither... so cant really comment on them specifically.. although I do know they provide a service to people who need a TRUSTED source adn would not be on this board if they were scammers!.

If people would like to discuss the legitimacy of their products then ill add my two pence also... I know LOTS of dealers whos merchandise I would not trust 100%... and who are very unrealiable and constantly need chasing... only to find that half what has been asked for is available...... lol this is a common thing with alot of dealers..... is AnT any different?? i.e. do you think they are better than this?..

Comment #4

Would like to hear user comments on ANT products..

Be good for everyone...

Comment #5

Ive ordered of AnT and the only problem is that they do not return emails and seem to have no customer service. I recieved half my order so thought that they may of forgot the rest, all I wanted was confirmation that the rest was on it's way, gee, they threatoned to get me banned from here if I moaned..

I don't think ill order from them again to be honnest, but can vouch that the stuff is very good..

The key to any business is customer services, and returning peoples enquires...

Comment #6

I ordered var powder from them before and it is exremly good quality!...make sure your hotmail spam filter is switched off I lost all there emails and accussed them of ignoring me....boy was my face red when I found 10emails in my junk box ops:..

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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