What is the name of the pills sold at VitaminShoppe to get weed out your system in a day??

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My first question is: What is the name of the pills sold at VitaminShoppe to get weed out your system in a day??.

My next question is: Hi there.

On my third cycle of test 500mg a week and dianabol 30mg a day. bout 2 weeks in now and have noticed that when I have sex my sperm volume is like nothing. only noticed it today. could be cause I aint been too well lately..

Any ideas why?.


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Your question was: What is the name of the pills sold at VitaminShoppe to get weed out your system in a day??.

Hope this helps - A good few years back me and the missus were newly married and having serious problems conceiving a child. I already had one from a previous relationship so didn't think it was anything to do with me. I was on a cycle of Sus, Deca and Dianabol at the time..

Anyway, I goes to the doctor and does a sperm test. I get a call a week or so later asking if I've had a vasectomy coz my sperm count was zero..

As you can imagine this shook me up quite a bit. I immediately came off the gear and within 3 months she was pregnant..

Since then we've had 2 more daughters (both conceived during off cycle periods)..

Bottom line mate is with a decent PCT everything gets back to normal pretty quickly...

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Pscarb... your the expert here... a friend of mine has just started back training.. hes had around a year off.. in that time him and his lady were trying for a baby but couldnt conceive.... after his last course he had ran a standard course of clomid/hcg....

They got refferred to a fertility clinic who ran many tests... he said his results were low but didnt specify exactly WHAT was low... in terms of the bodys natural test production being restarted after a course of gear.. how does this correspond with a persons sperm count? are they directly related or will sperm count take longer to reach a more natural level???..

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My wife and I was trying for 15 months for a child with no joy so in June 2005 I decided to come of steroids (after a 6month cycle) I had my blood work done and my test levels where 3.3 and my FSH readings where unreadable..

At the time I was not concerned with the FSH reading as I was under the impression making babies was all down to test wrong I was.....

The test you need to have done is FSH levels as this has a more direct effect on sperm production and Motility much much more than test levels do (although these levels help with getting it up ).

I used the normal clomid/hcg and nolvadex throughout the next 6 months and my FSH levels did improve I had a sperm count test they see 20million as a normal amount and on this test I had 10million..

I then started to use Proviron (on the off the record advice from my specialist) along with HCG within 8 weeks using 200mg of proviron ed and 500iu's of HCG eod my FSH levels jumped from .5 to 2.8 the (normal range starts at 1.4) I then had another sperm count done my sperm count was 78million with normal motility 4 weeks later jenny fell pregnant and my son aiden was born 11 weeks ago.......

So Lee I would get your mate to get his FSH levels looked at and have a sperm count done then go from there.....

If you need more help just ask mate.....

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Fuk me... id have got some of them little buggers frozen whilst I had the chance if I were you mate! 78 million!!! wow!!..

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No need to get them frozen mate because I aint having any more kids..

Comment #5

Well I aint got any more little potato people planned as yet...... but therell no doubt be one more in the future at some point!! so ill be back for info if little lee lets me down!!!..

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Interesting stuff....

Its nice to know that with the addition of proviron and hcg, and a proper pct you can repair a damaged hpta or increase your natural test levels to before a long steroid cycle....

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Don't get me wrong Nick it was probably the worst 6months I have since using gear but like you say as long as you are patient you can fully restore your HPTA after a long cycle and the cycle I used was very long and I used alot of gear.....

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I must admit I found hcg effective. not meaning to hijack this post but, what happens if you use a high dose of hcg, for example 1500iu instead of 500iu. can this have any negative effects_..

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