What part of the day should I take my VitaminShoppe 2200 weight gainer?

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My first question is: What part of the day should I take my VitaminShoppe 2200 weight gainer?.

My next question is: Hi I'm new to steroids I know a lil about them but not enuf!.

I have been body building for about 6months and have had a slow looking for some steroids (pill form as wont inject) to build mass quicker.can anyone help or advise me on what to take and what to stay clear of?.

If it matters I work out 3 times a week, different body part each day!.



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Your question was: What part of the day should I take my VitaminShoppe 2200 weight gainer?.

Ok guys thanks for the tips, will def give a miss..

I think my diet and training is fine as have well researched these.the progress is coming but slow..

What do you guys thnk of maximuscle progain?? any good?.

I use metrx whey at the mo but was finking about changing??.

Any tips or pointers would help...

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What is your current diet and training, exactly..

Maximuscle in my opinion is just overpriced and well marketed. Products are fine, but it's 3 or 4 times more expensive than ON or extreme..


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Petes you are french? :shock: because you say "ta pete" lol..

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Example of my day!.


Weetabix with metrx supreme whey and cod liver oil multi vit tab.

Mid morning apple and orange.


Pasta with tuna or rice and baked beans ect.

Pre train.

Supreme whey with peanut buter on toast.


3 day week at the mo.

1.chest and arms and forarms.

3.Back and legs.

5.sholders and triceps.

Rep range at the mo as on new cycle for 6 weeks is 8.6.6 was last cycle.

Post train.

Supreme whey.


Varies but somthing yummy!.

Am I going wrong if I am someone please put me straight???.

At the mo I'm 12st 4 and 5"9 tall medium build..

If anyone could point me in the right direction for which suppliments to get I would really appriciate it. on metrx supreme whey at the mo but was thinking bout tryin progain for a month as want to get bigger. can get it for 25 for 2k tub not bad to me??.

Oh and I'm not french!!!!..

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It doesn't look like your getting enough calories mate. I would try and get something more substantial in mid-morning. What do you have for a "yummy" meal (for me, a yummy meal would be fish,chips and mushy peas - tastes lovely but totally unclean for a bodybuilding diet).

I would also consider swapping the protein drinks for a mass builder that will include protein and carbs.

Finally, you might also want to think about getting another meal in last thing - preferably built on slow release protein..

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If you have the money then Maximuscle is a good choice (It worked for me).

The are alot of good products on the market so try doing some research on these..

!You also get discount on Extreme products through this website!.

BTW Keep off the roids,,for now..


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