What You Ought to Know about Anti-Fungals

antifungalNo candida cleansing regimen is complete without a strong anti-fungal. Now there are many anti fungals out there, and for the most part they are effective in eliminating candida. The most common anti fungals people take include:

1. Grapefruit Seed Extract
2. Oregano Oil
3. Caprylic Acid
4. Threelac
5. Garden of Life’s Fungal Defense

These are the most common anti-fungals. There are other commercial products out there such as Candigone, but based on what I’ve heard, they are a waste of money.

Anti-fungals should only be taken for at most 2 weeks straight. After taking them for 2 weeks, you should immediately switch to a probiotic. The reason for this routine is because the yeast will become resistant to your anti-fungal. After 2 weeks of anti-fungals, use a probiotic for 2 weeks, and then switch back to taking anti-fungals.

Here is what you basically need to know about the various anti-fungals. Like I said, most of them are much the same, and success varies from person to person. My suggestion would be to try Garden’s of Life Primal Defense first, and if that doesn’t work, simply try another anti-fungal.

1. Grapefruit Seed Extract

GSE is very effective for some people against candida, although it would not be my first choice as an anti-fungal. Grapefruit seed extract should always be consumed in between every meal. If you feel any bloating, diarrhea, or constipation, try taking it in capsule or power form.

Here is how you should split the dosage of GSE:

Days 1-4: Take 10 drops twice daily mixed with juice (veggie juice works best).

Days 5-10: Take 15 drops twice. If you are taking capsules, take one 3 times a day.

Days 11-30: Take 15 drops 3 times a day, or 2 capsules 3 times a day.
Gradually increase your dosage for a month, and then switch to a probiotic. 3-4 months with this regimen should reduce symptoms of candida dramatically

oregano oil2. Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil (or oil of oregano) is another powerful anti-fungal that many people have had success with. It is so powerful because it contains many anti-oxidants, such as labiatic acid, and many trace minerals. The anti-oxidant properties, and health benefits of Oregano Oil make it well suited to battle candidiasis.

In addition, Oregano Oil also is effective in battling agsinst certain strains of bad bacteria such as E. Coli, and salmonella.

There isn’t much that differentiates one brand of Oregano Oil from another, just go to your local health store and find the cheapest brand.

3. Caprylic Acid

Caprylic acid is also another popular anti-fungal. I am definitely against anti-fungal drugs such as Nystatin, and caprylic acid is simply a natural, more effective and safer alternative. Many people doubt the benefits of these natural remedies, but there have been some clinical studies done that show how strong caprylic acid is.

Caprylic acid works by dissolving the membrane of yeast cells, ultimately causing their membranes to be permeable. Capyrlic acid can penetrates these cells, and battle the candida, and defeat it.

Since capyrlic acid is fat soluble, I recommend you take some sort of essential oil as an additional supplement. These include oils such as Flax seed, omega 3, and fish oil

4. Threelac

Threelac is a product that many people either seem to love or hate. My experience with it has been nothing short of excellent. I tried many anti-fungals before and they all have worked - no doubt about it. Threelac turned out to be one of the most powerful of them all for some reason, and I believe it’s because of their effective delivery system. When you consume, it just reaches your intestines completely unharmed.

primal defense 5. Garden of Life’s Fungal Defense

Primal and Fungal Defense are 2 products I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to start eliminating candida. The Garden of Life pretty much specializes in making these types of products: products great for your digestive system, and battling intestinal ailments such as candida/yeast infection.

Primal Defense and Fungal Defense are two different beasts. Primal Defense is purely a probiotic, and an effective one at that. Unlike most probiotics in the market, Primal Defense has a patented delivery system, which enables it to reach our intestines safely without being destroyed. Other probiotics can’t do this, and as a result can’t supply healthy strains of bacteria to our intestines properly.

Primal Defense has to be consumed orally though. Don’t bother putting it in some sort of enema solution/formula, or in a shake or some kind. Just gulp it down with a glass of water, and you’re good to go.

Primal Defense contains acidophilius, and many soil based organisms, which are essential to good health (in addition to battling candida). It’s a shame modern foods are totally devoid of these healthy bacteria.

Soil based organisms aid our immune system, battling bad bacteria/parasites. When you hear the term intestinal flora, think probiotics. Without them, our intestines would be a science project, filled with bad bacteria and toxins.

There is one caveat however, and that is: don’t take Primal defense if you have leaky gut syndrome. This is because the probiotics can actually leak through your intestines, and eventually disrupt your cells as it circulates through your bloodstream. This is a big no-no. Otherwise, I would recommend getting a few month’s supply of Primal Defense as your choice of probiotic in candida cleansing.

The optimal dosage for Primal Defense is as follows: Slow with 1 capsule a day, and slowly work your way up to 6-10 capsules a day. Take them in between meals, and without a large glass of water. Never ever start with 10 capsules a day, because it will simply give you headaches. Primal Defense has no side effects, and some people actually take it just for the probiotics.

Fungal Defense, as the name suggests is an anti-fungal, and another effective one, as it can be delivered to your intestines without being digested/destroyed.

If you’re looking for a simple candida cleansing regimen, Primal Defense and Fungal Defense are two products you can use. Simply use Fungal Defense for 2 weeks, then switch to Primal Defense only for 2 weeks. Then go back to Fungal Defense again for 2 weeks, then Primal Defense again. Keep doing this until your candida symptoms go away.

What about drugs/antibiotics?

I am a firm believe anti-fungal drugs that require a prescription have no place in an anti-fungal regimen whatsoever. I have tried them in the past, and have experience nothing but grief, and side effects. I urge you to try any of the above natural remedies before resorting to a drug such as Nystatin.

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