What's the best sex supplement at GNC or a VitaminShoppe/World store for Men?

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My first question is: What's the best sex supplement at GNC or a VitaminShoppe/World store for Men?.

My next question is: After a few replies (thanks) most of you were saying that deca is not a great choice for using it on it's own can anybody reccommend a cycle to complement it or should I get rid and start something totally differenti am a first time userthanks your help is much appreciated..

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Your question was: What's the best sex supplement at GNC or a VitaminShoppe/World store for Men?.

I wouldn't mind knowing exactly where the idea that deca is such a bad choice has originated from??.

All the scientific literature I have researched does not bear any grounds on which this idea is founded.

For example, Deca will elevate blood lipid levels more so than Test does, however less so than Methenolone (Primo), therefore on this basis test is better than deca, which is better than Primo..

However, test has a high affinity for the aromatase enzymes, more so than deca; and deca more so than primo: In this case therefore Primo is better than Deca, which is better than Test..

Likewise, test converts to DHT, and if you value your hair & prostate, this is a bad thing, however Deca has no ability to convert to DHT and Primo, even though a DHT derivitive, exerts a statistically insignificant effect on the DHT receptors (as the body cannot reverse the man made alteration to the molecule)..

Therefore , taking into account these three 'more common' side effects Deca ACTUALLY fairs "middle of the road to good" in terms of effectiveness and safety..

So, once again, why the bad rap??.

Anyone give any legitimate reasons? Preferably from a Pharmaceutical companies reference, as I found, and not just any old pish posted on the net by some wannabe!.

I am genuinely interested, so please, serious replies only!!.


Comment #1

Neil - I don't have (the time to find any) studies to this effect, however IIRC the shutdown caused by progestins (deca/tren) is more than that of test for example, due to the fact it causes shutdown at the pituitary level rather than just the testes. I'm sure based on this you could find some more info...

Comment #2

Yeah, I am aware of this however, it seems that people are slightly missing the point. Nandrolone & trenbolone are progestrins (specifically 19-norprogesterone) which although has a stronger affinity for the progesterone receptor, has a weaker action. Kind of like taking clomid as an anti-estrogen. It sits on the receptor but exerts a lesser effect than the parent molecule. So it is predominantly dependant on your natural progesterone levels. If you have high pregesterone levels deca will actually act as an anti-progesterone, whereas if you have low progesterone levels it will act pro-progesteronically (Not sure if thats a real word in English, but it's supposed to mean it'll act as a progesterone).

But again it comes down to the fact that this is only one adverse effect, that apparently is only an issue with high doses (although no definition is provided as to what entails a 'high dose' ; it's usually 600mg+ per week; although a study on HIV patients used 800mg/week for 13 weeks with no reported side effects, so who knows); And you have to take into account ALL side effects when deciding on a substance for use i.e - weigh up the pros & cons etc..

The only definate reason I know of is the extra-ordinary ability to bind to blood plasma and therefore be detectable for in excess of a year after use. I think Boldenone is next at about 5-6 months!?.

Really could do with finding out what a pharmaceutical company classes as a high dose of Nandrolone??!!?..

Comment #3

Good info Neil very good addition to the board great to have you here...

Comment #4

Cheers mate,.

As I believe I've said in another post, we're ALL learning all the time, thats the great thing about bodybuilding, theres always something else you can learn; and I'm always interested in learning new things!! The best way to do this is on forums such as this one & RG, which are, from what I've seen so far, friendly and all after the same thing....share information to get a better physique. And not spew out hater sh1te.

If I have something I can share with others I will, and if I have questions that are bugging me, I'll ask 'em!.

One day, between us all, we might even create another Dorian!! A British bodybuilder who can take on all comers...AND WIN!!!.

This is a great site, i'm thoroughly enjoying being here. Might take a while to get to 500 posts to get in VIP suite though!!!! LOL..

Comment #5

Nice one neil you obviously know your stuff .the guy who got my gear gets all his info off a pharmsist (a good friend and bodybuilder) so I was a bit surprised to see posts not recomending deca as a good choice for a first timer .like you say hopefully somebody can give us some other info .great site this, thanks for replies...

Comment #6

Well, I guess their has to be some reason why Deca is THE most popular steriod OF ALL TIME !!!..

Comment #7

Is it?.

I wouldve thought dbol or test of some kind (sustanon)....

Comment #8

I've said all along deca is a good choice but couldn't dig up the technical blurb, you'll make good gains on deca only if it's a first course..

Just don't stay on too long and expect oily skin as the secondary receptor is the sebacious gland, hence the oily skin and acne. I've always been blessed with sick girlfriends who have a spot popping fetish so deca has always been a favourite of mine..

Good post Neil R, top bloke and VIP status coming your way,.

Comment #9

Only via a slight technicality( ) in that in the 70's & 80's nearly everyone dieted down using Deca & winstrol (with a touch of Primo) and offseason used Deca & test, therefore Deca was being used almost all year round for about 20 years or so. Plus a hell of a lot of female Bodybuilders use a low dose Deca in their cycles pretty much year round too coz they find it safer than test &/or d/bol..

So the technicality of all bodybuilders (male & Female - Offseason & Precontest) over the last 50 years or so........ :shock:.

Or, just looking @ this example 600mg/week for 10 week = 6000mg.

Thats the equivalent of 1200 D/bol tablets !!! Or 17-18 tablets per day..

I'd struggle to swallow that many tabs !!..

Comment #10


You can't really compare mg for mg 2 different compounds though.....

Comment #11

Hence the 'technicality' mate. But likewise you can't compare tabs to amps really either, so I guess theirs no hard-&-fast way off determining. And any road up it a mute point anyway coz when it come down to it it's really just a case of "If it works...fine; if not f**kit!!" LOL.

Its one of those kinds of posts that usually gets hundreds of replies. Non of which are really right or wrong..

Whatever makes ya grow best!..

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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