What's the best way to sell a multi-vitamin from VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: What's the best way to sell a multi-vitamin from VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Hi lads can anyone tell me why my injection sight is so painful for almost a week.

Is it the oil base or something else. I keep everything clean of course and the needls are the right ones but I get a badly bruised feeling that raelly hurts and makes me walk funny and sitting is a one cheek afair most times..

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Your question was: What's the best way to sell a multi-vitamin from VitaminShoppe?.

Black for withdrawal, blue for inject (others may disagree....) in the glutes..

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You haven't said what your using, any water based products like winstrol are always nippy (I started using some kynoselen at the weekend, thats a nippy mofo!)..

Many of the super strength formulas are sore, GL T400, APEX T350, BD Andro 275, GL Ultratren, all of these are sore. You need to bear in mind when a pharmaceutical firm produce a product they do so in a way it will be useable on Joe Average in a medical sense, when a generic company is producing super strength designer steroids for bodybuilders they are trying to make the product as potent as it can be made and with this comes the pain..

Due to the increase in active ingredients you get an increase in alcohol to purify the product and some people have a greater reaction to this than others..

I wouldn't inject into the glutes again personally, deltoids, bi's, tri's or quads for me. The glutes have the sciatic nerve running through them, you can be damaging it with every jag and not be aware of it until it's too late..

There is nothing in the delts for you to hit, once into the bi or tri there is nothing to hit either. People ask about the veins running over these 2 groups, if you go through a vein your needle will penetrate right through and still go deep into the muscle belly so don't worry. If you unload your syringe into an artery you will have problems, In 15 years of use I've never heard of anyone manage this..

As a side note, it could be said if the pain from your shots is too much you need to train harder to take advantage of this new ability to endure pain!.

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Great replies thanks guys sorry I never metioned what it was that was causing the problem it's testo/depot 250 thats causes the pain in the ass as it were oil base I believe maybe thats why ?

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