What's the difference between ''Ultra nourishair'' and ''Hair, skin and Nails'' from VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: What's the difference between ''Ultra nourishair'' and ''Hair, skin and Nails'' from VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Its a simple question really - if you do a cycle with proper pct, will your test levels return to the same level that they were before you started the cycle. Just wondered because I read something that suggested otherwise. cheers..

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Your question was: What's the difference between ''Ultra nourishair'' and ''Hair, skin and Nails'' from VitaminShoppe?.

Dont wanna hi-jack the thread or owt but when you go for bloods with the doc are you straight up & honest with him/her?..

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Watch a Keira Knightley film, works for me! 8)..

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Or countdown or hollyoaks or i`m a celeb when mylene is showering in the waterfall :twisted: :twisted:..

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Is it possible, even without PCT for your test levels to ever return to normal. Im sure certain dosages, how many times you use and time off is a factor, but do your test levels ever return to "normal"? or are you constantly lowering your natural test by using gear?..

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Of course they will. Like you said, it's all about dosage and duration..

The higher the dosage and/or the longer the duration the longer you will need to be off for everything to return to normal [Hint - it WILL take more than a couple of weeks!!].

The human body has an inbuilt mechanism (called Homeostasis) which , basically is your body having a natural level FOR EVERYTHING in it to be at. And it will fight like crazy to keep it at that level. That is why after a cycle of Anabolics you get a subsequent elevation of Cortisol, a catabolic hormone. Like wise after using diuretics you get a subsequent 'rebound' of water-retention..

If you leave it long enough your body will find it's way back to it's 'confortable' level - i.e. your natural levels...

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Ty neil, cuz although ive only used it once, and a very light one at that, I guess maybe I worry too much. Just dont want to mess myself up...

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In that case mate, make sure to do a decent 4 week PCT cycle and then 2-3 weeks on Milk Thistle before you begin your next cycle. And keep cycles to no longer than 8 weeks at a medium dasage (1000mg/week TOTAL tapering to 500mg in week 7, then 250mg in the last week)..

That should keep you on the right side of healthy!!..

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Oh thnx man, I didnt do a pct on that cycle I did !! I know it's bad, bu at the time I was going off advice from someone that I shouldnt have taken advice from. by the time I was done is when I learned about pct. I did take milk thistle..

Just to clarify, pct helps get test lvls back to normal QUICKER? w/o one it will still get back to norm, just take longer and risk sides from high estrogen if I didnt do a pct , am I correct?..

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Good to hear that Neil. the reason I was worried was that my cycle was a pretty long 1 for a 1st timer. I did 12 weeks! it's been a good 6months since I did the cycle and things feel normal now but who knows what my test levels are at. on my next cycle I think il get my bloodwork done before and after to see for myself...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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