Where can I buy micronized creatine in New York city besides VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: Where can I buy micronized creatine in New York city besides VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: Could anybody have a look at the topic define shutdown and give me your opinion many thanks ...

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Your question was: Where can I buy micronized creatine in New York city besides VitaminShoppe?.

Thanks for reply .i was all set to go on first course getting as much info as poss then ragz posted me a reply saying that using deca and tamoxifen dont go well together .just wanted everything in place before starting ...

Comment #1

Ian why deca alone?.

If you were gonna do anything alone, do test....

Comment #2

Decca is suppose to be good for the joints so maybe it's for this reason. As it's no good on it's own to build serious muscle...

Comment #3

Thanks for all your replys.the reason I was going to do deca on it's own was because I was lead to believe it was a safe bet for a first time user (i have trainedfor 20 years naturally age 35 now)mick hart forums and gym talk, any advice?..

Comment #4

Its a safe bet in terms of the number of sides... yes...

In terms of best gains and not shutting down your nads NO!.

Lots of people when they first start gear look to what will cause teh least sides...... sides go part and parcel with gear use... if your not prepared to accept that and look into dealing with the sides then really you should not be taking gear!..

Comment #5

That's so true LeeB, the problem is though, like young ian, you read so much about steroid use and what type of gear to take, that it becomes a bit confussing.... and like ian I thought taking deca on it's own - after reading up on the web - was O.K. the least side effects for the most gains.... and everythitng said deca on it's own was good..


It wasn't until I stumbled on to this forum - half way through my cycle - that the truth and correct way of taking gear was spelt out to me... and believe me i'm grateful to you guys!! LeeB and psCarbs!.

I took 4ml a week for ten weeks, then 6 tabs a day of d'bol for three weeks and now i'm loading up on the tamoxifen with another two weeks to go.......

...and luckily, so far i've had no real problems...... my nuts are about the size of dry roasted peanuts, that was to be expected, they'll be back.......wont they, they will wont they..... i'm still feelin' fruity and up for it.... had a day or two of an itchy nipple but that's gone and i'm not growing tits yet... so that little black number will have to go back in the wardrobe...damn!.

So I guess in retrospect, 'Deca only' wasn't the way to go ian. If you haven't already started your deca only cycle, think again, and like LeeB said... if you're gonna take gear, there's gonna be side effects.... whatever you decide to take...

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Regarding side affects I know there are some but I just want to try and make them minimal if poss. Can you reccommend first course?..

Comment #7

No HCG at hand........

Oh well I guess I f**ked up...again...(that's not like it guys..d'oh.).

But i've just read though one of my first posts:

And I felt sure I could get away without using HCG. If I need it, it's not a problem I can get some in week..

Is the HCG just to bring the nads back up to size and speed?.

What will happen if I don't take it..... and how much should I take?.

Ian... this just show's how you've got to really plan your cycle, don't do waht i've done, just jump in there and hope you're doing it right, finding this forum has been 'top banana' in helping me sort out my cycle, it would have been so much better if i'd got it right from the start!!.

Be cool...

Comment #8

Realy? If his nads are so shrunken, HCG is really the only thing that'll do it isn't it..

Comment #9

Phew.. that's what I wanted to hear Lee... you're my best friend!.

... a bit of respect for my nads please... they're well proportioned... just on the small side at the moment...... ( makes the Chorizo look bigger though!)..

Comment #10

In my opinion no.

Once he has completed his PCT then all should return to normal....

This thread highlights the importance of planning your cycles... it's important to start off with clear plans as to what gear you will use and what PCT you will run etc... especially if inexperienced... as many people advise others that they MUST do this or MUST do that... theres no 100% correct answer with this......... BUT there are many ways to fcuk your body up... the key is getting good info (which musclechat provides) and making plans based on this info and not just doing things for the sake of it!..

Comment #11

Can anyone suggest a good first time course to go with my deca after a few of you suggested deca is not ideal.on it's own. thanks for your time .my bodyweight is about 12st 10 and pretty lean at that. (sorry for all these questions but ive got my pct sorted is that all ill need ie~ tamoxifen)..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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