Why Candida Albicans Makes Us Sick

Alcohol candidaI’m sure you all know how candida albicans makes us sick, but why does it make us sick? Is it an intestinal ailment? An infection? This is a question many people have asked me, and I think knowing why candida makes us sick can help us understand why they need to start candida cleansing.

Candida albicans, as most of you know is a fungus. This is pretty simple. Candida albicans also consumes sugar, and as a result produces alcohol. Yep, it produces it, not consumes it! Many people don’t get this, as they believe that candida just eats alcohol. This is simply not true - alcochol is a waste product of candida albicans.

So what specifically does candida eliminate, as a waste product? A substance known as acetaldehyde. Now, some of you may have heard of this substance from your college courses in physiology.

Acetaldehyde is a chemical is that causes cancer… it is produced from various sources such as cigarettes (Cuban cigars too!), and pollution from cars. Yuck! If you have a yeast/candida infection, it means your body is full of this junk! No wonder you’re feeling so sick, right?

Acetaldehyde is harmful in us in so many ways and one of the main ways it can make us sick is by wrecking havoc on our nerves. It messes around with our nervous sytem, which leads to common symptoms such as brainfog, and an inability to concentrate. This is the connection between candida albicans and brain fog, guys!

Acetadelhyde also harms our liver. Our liver filters out and is responsible for removing harmful wastes. It filters acetadelhyde, and transforms it to a harmless acid. This is not free, though (No such thing as a free lunch, folks).

To convert it to a much less harmful substance, the liver requires enzymes, and zinc. If our body is lacking those, it is never converted, and as a result, the acetadelhyde is free to roam around our bloodstream, damaging our cells.

This is why when people tell me they are depressed, and have brain fog, my advice to them is simply go on a candida cleanse, change to a anti-candida diet, and start taking supplements while cleansing. You don’t need to resort to harmful antibiotics or medication that can only lead to side effects. You don’t need to take an anti-depressant, folks.

So this single substance, acetadelhyde, a direct waste product of candida yeast is the main reason why we feel so sick. Changing to a more alkaline diet (to negate the acetadelhyde acids), removing sugar from our diet (which feels the candida yeast), and taking supplements while candida cleansing (to provide our body/organs with energy to remove the acetadelhyde) is crucial to eliminating candida, and permanently healing our symptoms.

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