Why do you shop at VitaminShoppe?

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My first question is: Why do you shop at VitaminShoppe?.

My next question is: U guys kept telling and advicing me to leave steroids alone and kept asking if I'm in a hurry to gain muscles....and a good diet and nutrition is the key right? well then why did you guys decide to take the risky path as well and take steroids??? were you guys in a hurry too???..

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Your question was: Why do you shop at VitaminShoppe?.

Luigie - why don't you answer your own question by reading some of the threads and journals of the guys that you're taking a shot at. Lots of the lads on here have mentioned training for several years before using gear. Others have talked about starting too early and wishing they'd waited until they were older..

It doesn't look from your posts as if you believe the guys on here have your best interests in mind when offering advice. That's a pity because the advice on here is always sound..

From your post about weed and the way you've obviously cut and pasted your diet post, it seems like you're going to do your own thing, regardless of what the members say. Good luck to you mate but remember that taking cheap pops at people who've worked hard at their training for years,isn't going to help you get the help you need..

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Wow someones public enemy number 1. Anyway you are not experienced enough to use steroids. The obvious animosity towards you is based on 3 things..

1. You continually reject the advice of knowledgeable members becuase it suits you to do so and are arrogant in your attitude when responding..

2. Your a 'short cut junkie.' Mate there aren't any. Steroids are perfomance enhancers not miracle drugs they won't get you where you want. You need to work hard and thats what earns respect. Why do people respect millionaires who started with nothing and worked there arse off all their life more than people who win the lottery. Hard work earns respect and you need to work hard before you use gear..

3. Your the kind of guy that gives us a bad name. You are still going to use steroids if you find a source who is enough of a prick to offer you gear your gonna end up doing yourself some damage and I gurantee blame gear and not your own immaturity..


I'm one of the most arrogant and argumentative members of this borad. I'm not proud of it or anything but it's true. (ask Crazycal) So I understand how frustrating it is getting into arguments with everyone etc.... But just understand everyones advice is for a reason and if it seems harsh there is no hidden agenda it's just for your own good..

Take it easy buddy..

Comment #2

Hey young gun - don't beat around the bush. Say what you're really thinking..

Comment #3

YG very good post mate you hit the nail on the head.....

Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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